Fisher-Price DRP30 Think and Learn Smart Cycle

Fisher-Price DRP30 Think and Learn Smart Cycle

The Fisher-Price Think and Learn Smart Cycle is an interactive educational toy that aims to combine learning with cycling and fitness.

Everyone remembers their first Fisher-Price toy don’t they? We’ve certainly got fond memories of a cassette tape recorder from the 1980s now described as “vintage” and worth a fair whack on eBay.

It’s a sure sign of the times that rather than encouraging kids to record a pretend radio show, Fisher-Price has moved on from launching a million amateur disc jockey careers to attacking child obesity with a connected exercise bike instead. The Think and Learn Smart Cycle has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve, however.

Convincing any child to stop playing video games is tough enough, coaxing them into learning numbers or the alphabet while keeping fit at the same time seems like lunacy, but that’s the premise behind the Smart Bike, which offers up more learning opportunities the more a child pedals.

Letters and phonics, spelling and vocabulary, and reading and rhyming are all fair game on the Think and Learn, which uses a display stand to accommodate tablet computers loaded with a free app that accesses over 15 levels of learn and play lessons.

Connection is via Bluetooth or you can even connect a TV for a more immersive experience on a bigger screen.

Fisher-Price says the sturdy and comfortable design is built for endless hours of fun and fitness and the bike features moveable, steering handlebars with input controls and a joystick to put children in the driving seat and help them improve their coordination.

The Fisher-Price DRP30 Think and Learn Smart Cycle is designed for preschool children between the ages of three and six and is out now.

Buy Now: £120 from Amazon UK

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