Hackaball is the throwable computer cunningly disguised as an ordinary bouncy ball that’s teaching kids to code

This new educational toy is turning heads in the playground while teaching children to love coding and programming in an engaging way. You can still throw, catch, bounce and kick it like an ordinary ball, thanks to the tough rubber casing, but it can then do so much more. This connected ball is packed with sensors, lights, sound and vibrations that are programmed via the free app.

Kids can program the ball on the app using a set of core principles essential to coding, to create and set a series of rules based on games that they create themselves. For example, they could set the Hackaball to change colour every time someone catches it or to vibrate when you throw it, and then go and test their programming skills on the playground with friends. This encourages them to interact and experiment with computer technology and see immediate results as they enjoy putting their games into practice.

This fun learning tool is designed to encourage children to use their imagination, use problem solving and computer skills to create the game, and develop key social skills as they put the Hackaball into practice.

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