Osmo Pizza Co

Osmo Pizza Co uses augmented reality to teach youngsters entrepreneurial skills – and your favourite pizza toppings. 

Teaching children capitalist business acumen might not be on the national curriculum, but educational toy maker Osmo has found a novel way of imparting entrepreneurial skills on the young – by taking charge of their own augmented reality pizza service.

The Osmo Pizza Co. installs children as the owner, chef and cashier of the take away with the aim of teaching real-world maths, financial literacy, emotional intelligence and more through a hands-on AR experience with the Apple iPad.

Rather than half cut punters and moody moped riders, Pizza Co. is a fantasy world inhabited by cute animals with an appetite. Children aged five to 12 use a physical pizza tray, toppings and play money to fulfil orders, calculate change and keep customers happy.

The AR element is used to bring the ‘pretend-and-play’ fantasy experience to life and Osmo wants parents to think of it like letting their kids run an old-school lemonade stand without the stress and mess of the real thing.

Players are rewarded for making a profit, managing supplies and good customer service, without the threat of an unscrupulous boss, questionable working conditions, long hours or a P45 hanging over their heads. Okay, so maybe it’s not entirely like real life.

Osmo says schools are acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship and financial literacy through revised teaching guidelines. In California, experts from the Miller Center at the University of Virginia have called for an in increase entrepreneurial education.

Buy now: Available from Amazon UK for £34.99

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