Strawbees Hovercraft

Strawbees Hovercraft

The Strawbees Hovercraft modular kit aims to turn kids into budding engineers.

Combining science and engineering with cardboard craft and no shortage of fun, children are challenged to make their own hybrid vessel.

The award-winning Swedish design can hover across land or water at around 25mph and is primed for racing against rival craft assembled by friends.

The design process doesn’t end there either, as young engineers are encouraged to create obstacles and race courses to up the stakes.

Each kit is made from eco-friendly, upcycled materials and includes a remote control, electric components and a rechargeable battery. And should you crash, Strawbees can be easily fixed with waste materials found around the house.

Inventors can also customise their hovercraft with a range of pre-set covers or a blank one for adding their own graphics.

The Strawbees Hovercraft has already hit its crowdfunding goal and delivery is estimated in time for Christmas.

Pledge Now: From $129 at Kickstarter

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