Gartenzwerg Indoor Gardening System

Gartenzwerg is a fully automated and beautifully designed indoor gardening system for fruit, vegetables and herbs at the push of a button. 

Readers of a certain age and disposition will remember classic sitcom The Good Life starring Felicity Kendal in double denim and Richard Briers sporting the latest in stinging nettle knitwear.

The premise involved the couple from straight outta Surbiton in Surrey quitting the daily grind and going fully self-sufficient by setting up a miniature livestock and arable farm in their back yard.

Growing your own resonated then and still does today with demand for allotments outstripping supply, but if it all seems like rather stressful and back breaking work whilst exposed to the elements there may be an alternative to start you off on a smaller scale.

Gartenzwerg, which rather cutely translates from German as ‘Garden Gnome’, is described as a personal farmer for your kitchen table.

What appears to be a wooden window box has been given an injection of smart controls for everything from light intensity to pH levels, watering, and temperature and humidity, all activated through an app.

Within reason, this allows you to grow whatever you want with the peace of mind that Gartenzwerg knows what the plants need and when to grow fresh and tasty fruit and veg.

Its creators claim produce grows up to three times faster than usual because the garden mimics the perfect environmental conditions required.

It has a few other tricks up its sleeve too, like going completely soilless. Instead, a water-nutrient solution takes over and because the water is reused, it’s claimed you can save up to 90 per cent of it compared to a soil-based system.

Growing all year round is perfectly acceptable too given you’re no longer at the mercy of Mother Nature – that means fresh strawberries even in winter or the uncomfortable prospect that sprouts are no longer seasonally restricted.

Finally, because you can harvest whenever you like and only take as much as you need, produce lasts for longer.

Crops can include basil, bell peppers, chillis, chives, coriander, kale, lettuce, mint, oregano, parsley, radishes, rosemary, sage, spinach, thyme, tomatoes and much more.

Pick from three Gartenzwerg designs, including The Nature Guy that mounts or sits flush to a wall, The Grounded Type perfect for island kitchens, or the dark wood Stylish One.

It takes patience to grow crops, so to get you in the mood there’s currently a waiting list for the Gartenzwerg, but to ease the pain there’s also an introductory price knocking £24 off the full the price.

Pre-order now: £96 launch offer from Gartenzwerg

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