Vestaboard Mechanical Display

Vestaboard Mechanical Display

The Vestaboard mechanical display shows messages sent from your smartphone on the sort of screen seen in European train stations. 

If you’ve experienced rail travel on the continent there’s a good chance you’re not only familiar with a split-flap departure board, but kind of revere it.

In the same way the Swiss railway clock has become a style icon, there’s something unerringly beautiful about the station display’s electro-mechanical operation.

With this in mind we’re quite smitten by the Vestaboard, which takes the idea, shrinks it for the home or office and adds smartphone controls so it displays just about anything.

That includes receiving messages over Wi-Fi, displaying tweets, linking to Google Calendar and more on a 23 x 7 grid of character flaps.

Using the accompanying app, Vestaboard can be controlled from anywhere in the world to pre-schedule text or subscribe to popular content like the latest news alerts.

In fact, it connects to hundreds of services and platforms for automated updates, such enterprise messenger Slack.

It also works with voice-enabled smart speakers using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Vestaboard allows you to display 161 characters at one time from basic alphanumeric options to something a little more artistic or patterned, including different colours.

Naturally, the display is designed for things like shopping lists, reminders or telling staff that ‘Big Brother is watching them’.

Of course, this does leave it open to the odd bit of comic abuse, such as reminding a housemate their football team got hammered last night, or perhaps creating something phallic for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Pre-order now: $1,850 from Vestaboard

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