Geneva Lab Touring S

Geneva Lab Touring S

The Geneva Lab Touring S is a Bluetooth speaker and DAB+/FM radio that doesn’t scrimp on sound quality.

Bluetooth speakers are great, but they push smartphones into being your only audio source often at the expense of valuable battery life. They also completely ignore the medium of radio, forcing us to use clunky apps whenever we want to tune into a station.

Not so with the Geneva Lab Touring S – a portable, lightweight and superb sounding Bluetooth speaker that packs DAB+ and FM radio. The Swiss firm has heritage on its side too, pioneering the first real stereo in a single cabinet system over a decade ago.

UNWRAPP can confirm the Touring S sounds as great as it looks and is strikingly lightweight at 998g. That’s because it includes next generation broadband neodymium speaker drivers and is precision-engineered from high-quality aluminium.

With up to 20 hours of audio playback, the Touring S can be taken pretty much everywhere and comes in four fetching colours – white, red, black and cognac.

Buy now: From Amazon for £170

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