Jammy Portable Guitar

Rock out whenever and wherever the mood strikes with the Jammy Portable Guitar.

Small enough to slip into a bag, the Jammy is a portable smart guitar that doubles as a virtual music teacher, giving you real-time chord guidance using built-in LEDs.

Extending the telescopic neck of the Jammy turns it into a mini guitar its makers claim doesn’t compromise the range of the real thing and is suitable for beginners to accomplished players.

To get started simply select a favourite tune, choose a complexity level and start jamming. Real-time feedback via an accompanying app and illuminated frets aim to have you playing like a pro in no time.

The virtual teaching assistant is on hand to help you progress up the skill ladder, but if you’re feeling lazy – or require a failsafe when showing off – a special mode covers you if you skip a line or hit a bum note.

Jammy’s genius is also in its portability. The guitar is 32cm long and just 50cm when extended, and can be plugged into headphones (as well as an amp) for practising on public transport without annoying other travellers – ter-riff-ic you might say.

Jammy is currently in the pre-production stage and is expected to be available for pre-order later this year so watch this space.

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