Meters Music OV-1 headphones

Visually display the levels of the music you’re enjoying with the stylish Meters Music OV-1 headphones which cancel out the world around you

Noise-cancelling headphones are on most audiophile’s must-have list, but with lots of options to choose from, standing out is a little more difficult than following the crowd. But some British audio designers have tackled this problem head-on with the gorgeous Meters Music OV-1 over ear cans, which they say are “Designed to move you with music”.

Meters have been at the forefront of live bass guitar amplification since 1997, and have used their 20 years of know-how in creating the OV-1. Their USP is “active visual monitoring”, with windows on each can featuring a VU meter designed to mimic the levels on a recording studio mixing desk.

Combined with Automatic Noise Cancellation, protein leather (a more sustainable alternative to real leather, for all you greens out there) and a lightweight alloy frame for hours of comfortable listening, you get a bespoke and unique set of headphones which pique the interest of those not sharing your tunes. Your only other decision is whether to get them in black or tan.

With a hidden jack and USB slot for charging, you can guarantee hours of uninterrupted enjoyment no matter where you are. So sit back and turn these eye catching cans up to 11.

Buy Now: The OV-1 from Meters Music for £279.00

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