Nura Nuraphone Headphones

Nura Nuraphone headphones give you a hearing test and create a sound profile tailored to your ears.

Just like you wouldn’t wear any old pair of spectacles without an eye test, Nura believe the same rules should be applied to headphones and hearing.

The cans test your hearing and then adapt their sound output to suit the way you specifically listen to music. They do this by using microphones to measure sounds emitted by your inner ear that determine your sensitivity to sonic frequencies.

Download the app, connect via Bluetooth and after a short setup process the headphones do the rest, creating a personalised profile for your lugs. Nura claim mine even highlighted the tinnitus in my left ear, although without scientific proof we can’t be certain.

The Australian start-up certainly does things differently – the wireless aptX HD Bluetooth headphones arrive in packaging made from recycled potato peel and use canal earphones housed inside over-ear cups. Boy do they feel weird to begin with.

Nura’s hybrid design offers excellent noise isolation and splits the frequencies between the two styles. Cranked to the max they shake like you’re power plating and no matter how loud we went (and we went loud) at no stage did things ever sound unpleasant.

At £350 they’re not the cheapest headphones around, but for audiophile-class cans the sound is rich, pulsating and sonically advanced. And if you’re still not convinced you can at least try them out first thanks to Nura’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Buy now: £349 from Nura

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