People People Transparent Speaker

People People Transparent Speaker

The People People Transparent Speaker is a striking see-through sound system for crystal clear music.

From voice-automated robots to smart hubs claiming to know what you want to listen to; wireless speakers are becoming ever less ordinary.

So the Scandi sonic designers at People People have gone totally against the grain and stripped the speaker back to its core.

A minimalist’s dream, the Transparent Speaker is built to last a lifetime with easily accessible components that can be fixed or replaced.

More so, it sounds great thanks to premium audio parts such as a 6.5-inch subwoofer and two 3-inch full-range stereo drivers.

The result is a crisp soundscape pushed through the built-in amplifier with a little help from some digital signal processing wizardry. In short, it sounds big and beautiful.

Connectivity is first and foremost Bluetooth, but a ‘toaster slot’ will accommodate an Apple Airport Extreme or Google Chromecast Audio dongle for high resolution audio over Wi-Fi. Oh, and there’s no app.

Successfully crowdfunded, the speaker has since got into full production with the next batch arriving in early 2018 so get in now to avoid aural disappointment.

Buy Now: €750 from Transparent

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