Pro-Ject Rolling Stones Record Player

The Pro-Ject Rolling Stones record player is a must-have Christmas gift for fans of Mick, Keith and co.

Sporting the band’s instantly recognisable lips logo, the turntable comes from the same respected audio company responsible for a collaboration with The Beatles.

Pro-Ject make audiophile-quality equipment and the Rolling Stones collector’s edition is no different with the Austrian firm saying the record player is suited to high-end sound systems.

Featuring the same technical layout as the brand’s award-winning Debut III turntable, the belt-driven player remains stable and silent thanks to a synchronous motor, MDF plinth and decoupling feet.

Records sit atop a sturdy metal platter and benefit from an 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm with an Ortofon OM 10 cartridge.

The Rolling Stones lips logo was originally created by Mick Jagger back in 1970 and has been officially licensed for limited edition use on Pro-Ject’s vinyl player.

Finished in high-gloss, Pro-Ject have been able to paint it black (or white), with both options available to buy now in time for Christmas from its exclusive UK distributor.

If you’re more of a Beatles fan, Pro-Ject also offer a turntable inspired by the drum kit from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The so-called vinyl resurgence shows no sign of letting up with record sales expected to exceed four million by the end of 2017 – the biggest predicted year for sales since the 1980s.

Sales are said to have been boosted by artists such as Ed Sheeran and if you shop around we’re sure you can find a bright orange record player to toast his success… unfortunately it’s not quite UNWRAPP style.

Buy now: £329 from Henley Audio

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