Sonus Faber Homage Tradition

Sonus Faber Homage Tradition

Sonus Faber Homage Tradition are lute-shaped luxury speakers handcrafted in Italy that aim to be virtually vibration-free.

Sonus Faber is responsible for the most outrageous-looking music system we’ve seen in a long time – but clap eyes on its equally thrilling speaker collection.

The Homage Tradition line-up features luxuriously lacquered lute-shaped cabinets that provide a small part of the zero vibration technology the Italian audiophiles swear by.

Firstly, a “Stealth Ultraflex” bass system uses an aluminium back panel to control air flow, reducing turbulence and distortion. The speaker exoskeletons include top and bottom vibration dampening shelves, while so-called “Silent Spikes” further stamp out any wobbles.

As for those lute-shaped cabinets, Sonus Faber say they have been specially designed to counter internal resonances, but the shape also doubles as a tribute to the mastery of Italian violin craftsmanship.

Handcrafted in Venice, the range includes the Amari Tradition and Serrafino Tradition floorstanders. Plump for the smaller Guarneri Tradition speakers and Sonus Faber will include carbon fibre stands developed in partnership with Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani.

All models are available in either a red or dark wenge finish and come with Italian leather on the front baffle. If that’s an appropriate name for something you’ve never heard of before, impress your pals by informing them it’s the front face of the speaker where the tweeters and woofers are mounted. Knowledge is power.

Buy now: From £13,600 per pair at Absolute Sounds

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