Bugaboo Boxer Modular Luggage

Bugaboo Boxer Modular Luggage

The Bugaboo Boxer is a modular suitcase system designed to make travelling with multiple bags a doddle. 

Running to the airport gate with a handbag or briefcase, a laptop bag and a suitcase is the stuff of sweaty nightmares, but Bugaboo’s modular approach aims to keep everything streamlined.

It works by attaching add-ons to one main chassis in a kind of organised game of Buckaroo, leaving you just one handle to worry about.

The Boxer’s chassis acts as the wheeled backbone of an integrated system that holds everything together.

From there you can include an organiser, cabin bags and suitcase at the same time with a series of simple clicks that locks everything in place.

Prepare yourself for envious glances by using the detachable compartment for storing liquids and gadgets in one place so you can stay organised and breeze through security.

The cases also come with an inner compartment that can be removed and attached to the outside of the cabin case to almost double the capacity – great for cheeky Duty Free shopping trips.

Don’t be fooled by the ordinary appearance of the suitcase, because as you lower the handle the wheels automatically detract and fold away to make it easier to store in overhead compartments.

A quick push on the pedal releases those wheels along with another set at the front so you can have a four-wheeled suitcase for improved manoeuvrability and simplicity.

If the customisation choices sound a little mind boggling, head over to the Bugaboo website where its online luggage configurator will help build the perfect system for you.

Buy Now: £1,140 from Bugaoo

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