Pantofolo d’Oro Impulso Football Boots

Pantofolo d’Oro Impulso Football Boots

Pantofolo d’Oro handcrafted football boots are the Italian soccer cleats you and your kids should be seen in this season.

There seems to be a trend with modern football boots to strip back materials with a misguided view they’re going to make you faster than Cristiano Ronaldo.

If, like Unwrapp, you believe leather upper classics like the Adidas Copa Mundial still represent the best in soccer boots and you long for the day when a player’s feet are no longer more fluorescent than a steward’s high vis, there is hope.

Pantofolo d’Oro have been making boots cut from a single piece of leather since 1886 and still use the same 46 phase manufacturing process today. If any more proof was needed that they rule the roost when it comes to premium leather then feast your eyes on the limited edition Impulso range.

Produced to celebrate the brand’s 130th anniversary, the boots feature croc or python-like skin detailing across its top grade calf leather, plus a predator-inspired collar, sock lining and outsole.

Grippy AMO laces are textured for an enhanced contact with the ball and a number of different stud configurations can be selected to suit the ground you’re playing on.

Time for another quick history lesson. Pantofolo d’Oro translates in Italian as ‘golden slipper’ and after Juventus striker John Charles labelled them as such in 1959 the company changed its name from a cobbler’s shop called Lazzarini.

Along with the rebranding came its signature three star symbol to symbolise quality and style – three stars because four and five star hotels didn’t exist in the 1960s.

Italians love to inject playfulness in their designs and Pantofolo d’Oro are no different. If the Impulso are a tad on the tame side, La Gazzetta Azzurri feature iconic national team headlines printed across them, in a partnership with leading Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In case you’re wondering, they do boots for men, women and children in laid back black too.

Buy now: Impulso £130 from Pro:Direct Soccer


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