Rhythm Smart Shoes

Rhythm Smart Shoes

Cursed with two left feet? Rhythm Smart Shoes promise to boost your confidence on the dance floor.

Don’t tell the Strictly Come Dancing judges, but these cunningly disguised shoes are embedded with vibrating sensors that teach you to put your best foot forward during a performance.

Rhythm Smart Shoes record your dancing data and connect via Bluetooth to your phone to offer tips, coaching and real-time feedback through an accompanying app.

The embedded motion and pressure sensors are placed at multiple points to pick up your steps and help you perfect your technique. Vibrations indicate where your feet should go along with a tutorial on the app.

Jazz, salsa, hip-hop, the tango, solo sequences and routines for couples are all covered, along with ongoing monitoring of your moves displayed in weekly performance charts – a bit like the Strictly scores – plus activity data such as steps taken, time spent dancing and calories burned.

The more you practice the more points you earn to keep you motivated and gradually introduced to more advance moves.

There’s a social side to the app too, which asks you to set up a profile so you can find suitable dance partners, share your progress, record routines and challenge friends to a dance-off.

The comprehensive package is rounded off with video tutorials and access to live classes hosted by experts. And the best part is nobody will suspect those secret weapons slipped onto your feet – just don’t tell Bruno Tonioli; he’s got an awfully big mouth.

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