ATARI Coffee Table

ATARI Coffee Table

Relive the retro magic of playing Pong with this Atari coffee table.

It may be the first arcade video game ever, but Atari’s Pong legacy is still going strong as proven here by its very own coffee table.

The multifunctional table carries USB ports for charging tech, Bluetooth connectivity for playing music and it displays the time so you don’t get too carried out and miss the start of the football.

Like most coffee tables it also offers a horizontal platform for placing hot drinks, although maybe not while you’re playing hey, as Pong has a habit of getting all ages addicted and animated.

Staying true to the original game with retro sounds and bouncing lights, Pong can quickly be put on standby and closed off with a lid – handy if the in-laws pop round and they’re not particularly enamoured with what they see as ‘the work of the devil’.

Atari – at least in name anyway – is preparing to release its first console in more than 20 years. The Ataribox is a real looker, but so is the officially licensed Pong Project table and we’re desperately trying to find space for this piece of stylish nostalgia in the living room.

Pre-order now: $1,290 from Table Pong Project 

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