Biki Robotic Fish Drone

Biki Underwater Fish Drone

Biki is a bionic fish drone for capturing underwater worlds in 4K.

Biki is part of a new wave of underwater drones that capture marine life in its natural habitat Planet Earth-style. The robots can also help take all the fun out of fishing by locating your catch of the day, or better still film you diving in exotic locations or track your children swimming.

Its fish-like form is claimed to be fully “bionic” with a tail that propels it through the water at 1.12mph and is designed to follow you on excursions to a maximum depth of 196ft. Biki’s makers claim the wireless controls and 55dB noise level make it ecologically sound for the ocean environments, but works equally as well in rivers, lakes and pools.

As well as filming fishy footage in 4K, Biki boasts a camera stabiliser, a 150-degree wide angle lens, two 114 lumen lights for illuminating dingy depths, up to 120 minutes of video storage. The drone also has automated balance and obstacle avoidance, a return to base function, route customisation and built-in GPS.

Biki weighs just 1.1kg and is relatively small in size, and thanks to a successful crowdfunding project will ship worldwide from September.

Pre-order now: $599 (£455) from Indiegogo



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