Biolite FirePit

Biolite Fire Pit

The Biolite FirePit is a Bluetooth-controlled wood burner for cooking meals and adding ambience without the smoke. 

They say there’s no smoke without fire but in BioLite’s case that’s not entirely true because they’ve found a way to give you warm and toasty feelings from roaring logs without the fumes.

The central component is an advanced airflow system consisting of an integrated fan that injects the fire through 51 individual jets to improve combustion.

Featuring four fan speeds, the FirePit can control flame intensity via an accompanying app that adjusts the amount of heat being radiated.

A ‘spark-to-smokeless’ claim of under 30 seconds is also designed to ensure you’re not exposed to any hazardous nasties.

Epic cookouts benefit from an inner fuel rack that accommodates charcoal or wood and any leftover embers can be used as a fire starter when switching from grilling to bonfire mode.

Part of the FirePit’s charm comes from watching the embers glow and witnessing some rather hypnotic flames through a 360-degree mesh.

BioLite is no stranger to smart camping solutions, such as its Campstove that also charges your mobile devices whilst whipping up dinner.

The FirePit uses similar premium performance materials, including a high-temperature coated steel chamber that can hold up to four pieces of firewood at a time.

Following a successful crowdfunded campaign the FirePit is go, but you will have to wait until August 2018 for a delivery, so get in now in time for the tail end of the British summer.

In the meantime you can warm your virtual cockles with BioLite’s fancy video…

Pledge Now: $199 from BioLite

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