Canary Flex Connected Security Camera

The Canary Flex counts itself as one of the most versatile connected security cameras money can buy. 

Flex by name, flexible by nature – Canary’s cost effective high definition security camera can be used inside or outside and doesn’t require expert installation.

The smart home security device is waterproof and wire-free and also does away with the need for a home hub. Simply place the camera where you want, connect it to a smartphone app and away you go.

If you’re placing the Flex outside it can be securely wall mounted, if indoors the solidly built device sits atop a neatly designed magnetic base allowing you to position the camera at any desired angle.

Crisp high definition images are beamed direct to your smartphone 24/7 and benefit from automatic night vision and a wide angle lens, while a simple pinch and zoom gesture allows you to grab an extreme close-up of criminals, check in on a babysitter or critique the cleaner.

The camera includes motion detection and incriminating footage can be viewed live or recorded from anywhere in the world for the up front device price. However, a Canary Membership costing £7.99-a-month or £79 annually is required for a range of additional benefits.

These include full length recordings, a 30-day video recording vault, desktop web browser streaming, and two-way Canary Talk so you can have real time conversations with anyone at home… whether they’re supposed to be there or not.

A lithium ion battery and a magnetic charging cable give the Flex wire-free power for up to two months.

Canary also offer a range of multipacks for those of you looking to kit out the entire house. All devices are iOS and Android compatible and available in black or white finishes.

Buy now: £189 from Amazon


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