The Denon HEOS AVR powers multiroom wireless surround sound and puts traditional home cinema amps in the shade.

To achieve 5.1 channel surround sound most systems need a big bad amplifier wired up to five speakers dotted around the room. While the quality can be incredible, it usually means unsightly cables cluttering up the space.

Denon’s sleek AVR removes the cables by creating a 5.1 channel setup with wireless speakers from its HEOS multiroom range.

The setup gives you the flexibility to reposition speakers anywhere in the room without worrying about how much slack is left on the speaker cable.

If you still prefer the old fashioned ways, the HEOS AVR is compatible with conventional speakers thanks to built-in Class D amplification offering 100-watts per channel, and is even clever enough to power a combination of wired and wireless speakers.

The aluminium hub features four auto-sensing HDMI inputs for connecting the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, Blu-ray players and streaming boxes, plus convenient inter-operability with other devices remote controls.

Home cinema aside, the HEOS AVR can conduct a full multiroom speaker system placed throughout the house and stream music direct from services such as Spotify Connect and Tidal, or from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The HEOS range includes four speakers that gradually increase in size, a subwoofer, soundbar, and other components for serious audiophiles wishing to build a pro system.

Buy now: £799 from Peter Tyson

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