Elevation Lab Battery Pro

Elevation Lab Battery Pro

The Elevation Lab Battery Pro is a double handy portable power pack for the Apple iPhone and Watch.

You heard that right, juice boosts on-the-go for both devices at once with enough capacity to keep an iPhone topped up for three days and the Watch for a remarkable two weeks.

Any Apple Watch owner will know charging when moving can be a frustrating business given the slightest bump dislodges the magnetic connection. To combat this, the Battery Pro comes with a velcro Stow Strap to it in place and protect the watch face from scratches.

The durable, pocket-sized power back is designed to slip into your jeans or a handbag and can take a dose of daily bumps and knocks. This neat addition to a crowded marketplace can also be balanced upright – a handy space saver on poxy plane and train tray tables.

Shaped similar to the iPhone 7, the Battery Pro includes an LED indicator for keeping tabs on your charge level and the device can be recharged itself using micro-USB connection.

Elevation Lab are experienced innovators when it comes to mobile accessories with pro level iPad stands, headphone hooks, stylus stands and more also available for shipping worldwide.

Buy Now: $99 from Elevation Lab

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