Fingbox Smart Home Security System


Fingbox aims to stop your smart home from being hacked by draping a security blanket over your broadband router and looking out for digital intruders.

Remember scare stories about how hackers were going to infiltrate your broadband network through a Wi-Fi toaster? Far fetched yet sadly plausible, but one thing computer crooks haven’t banked on is a Fing.

The free app has been downloaded by over 20 million people and is used to secure your network, detect digital intruders, troubleshoot broadband problems and discover all devices connected to any Wi-Fi network.

Now there is a tangible product to go with it. It’s called the Fingbox and adds a raft of clever features for protecting your home, controlling devices and improving network performance.

Fingbox plugs into your existing broadband router via an ethernet cable, it then scans the network and locates all devices regardless of brand or platform, including things like Wi-Fi lightbulbs.

The system alerts you if you an intruder has been detected on your network and lets you block them, it also informs you when friends and family join or leave in real time – handy if you’re keeping tabs on the kids internet usage.

Control or block devices remotely and inspect how much broadband each one is using so you can discover who is really hogging all the bandwith. A Wi-Fi sweet spot finder also helps find the best places in the building for a broadband signal.

If you’re embarking on a smart home odyssey, you can use Fingbox to watch over devices, be alerted should someone try to digitally tamper with them and even disable the device if something doesn’t seem quite right.

On the more serious side of things, a wireless intrusion detection system looks for threats such as a rogue access point or denial of service attack, typically how hackers will access your network.

All Fingbox and Fing app features are free with no monthly subscription, something that proved popular on Indiegogo where the start-up raised over $2 million in funding.

So where’s the catch? Well you’re probably asking yourself why your broadband provider doesn’t offer these services already and if solutions such as Fingbox continue to increase in popularity it could force their arm – some high-end routers already have their own app.

Until then Fingbox represents a clever solution for smart home peace of mind.

Buy now: £125 from Amazon

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