Hisy Pix smartphone camera remote trigger

Hisy Pix camera remotes let you snap away with your smartphone from a distance by triggering stills and videos from as far as 90ft away.

The Hisy Bluetooth camera remote allows you to put your phone down, step away from the handset and snap wirelessly.

Whether it’s a family photo you don’t want to be left out of or an attempt to shoot at a difficult angle, Hisy is designed to help and is compatible for a multitude of iOS and Android devices – including tablets for those of you weird enough to take photos with an iPad.

The tiny device can be tied onto your handset like a tag as long as your phone has a hook and is available in a wild selection of colours with random nicknames such as ‘The Ninja’ or ‘The Muse’ for reasons we’re at odds to explain.

Also available for the same price is the Hisy Halo, which can trigger remote shutters simultaneously across multiple devices from the same 90ft distance.

By downloading an accompanying app, the Halo can pair with a number of smartphones for multi-camera shots and videos – great for budding directors or capturing action scenes.

For a tech gift under £20 it’s worth a look.

Buy now: Hisy products from £18 at Amazon UK


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