Hyperkin SmartBoy

Hyperkin SmartBoy

The Hyperkin SmartBoy takes your smartphone and turns it into a fully fledged Nintendo Game Boy.

Retro gaming is enjoying a mainstream renaissance. Classic mini consoles from Nintendo, Sega and Atari are either in stores or on their way and we’re even listening to the original 16-bit NBA Jam soundtrack while writing this.

Problem is, the new wave of consoles all come with drawbacks, whether it’s an ancient connection that won’t fit new TVs without a converter, the inability to play original games cartridges, or a restricted line-up of built-in titles.

Not so the Hyperkin SmartBoy, which brings back all the goodness of the Nintendo Game Boy and marries it with the latest display technology on your smartphone for an authentic experience with a modern leg-up.

Slip your phone into the SmartBoy and the familiar D-pad, action buttons and more cover the bottom half of the screen. The top half displays all the action from any Game Boy or Game Boy Colour game, be it built-in or from the original cartridge.

Everything is then upscaled to the appropriate resolution and you’ll get up to five hours of button bashing before your mum tells you off because your dinner is getting cold.

The SmartBoy has been designed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 in mind, but will work with most mobiles from 5.2inches to 6inches and will be compatible with both Android and Apple devices when it is expected to arrive in September.

Pre-order now: £59.99 from Funstock Retro

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