Joto Drawing Robot

Joto Drawing Robot

Joto is a robotic writing machine that creates whiteboard messages sent from anywhere in the world with a smartphone app. 

The award-winning connected display turns pixels into pen ink so you can share messages, artwork, graphical drawings and more in real time.

Joto’s app has the ability to send just about anything, including images and illustrations to typed or handwritten notes, from phone to smart board with a wealth of potential personal and professional uses.

These could include ‘to do’ lists for housemates, reminders for office colleagues, or displaying key ideas in meetings and conferences – handy if you’re participating remotely.

Joto’s makers want users to be as creative as possible so the device was conceived with artists and graphic designers in mind, where pinpoint accuracy and attention to detail are crucial.

An additional ‘365 Days Of Art’ pack sends a new masterpiece to Joto each day and the board can be hung or displayed like a traditional picture frame.

Once you’re ready to wipe the slate clean, just ask Joto and it will do that too.

Pre-order Now: £125 from Jota 

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