Linka Smart Bike Lock

Linka Smart Bike Lock

Linka is the world’s first automatic bike lock to help you make smart choices on where to park your beloved bicycle. 

Linka is a heavy duty lock permanently attached to your bike frame that automatically unlocks as you approach it. It works via Bluetooth and a smartphone app, but is also compatible with your fingers and a good old fashioned 4-digit code if you run out of battery.

A built-in accelerometer triggers an ear-splitting 100db alarm should someone try to tamper with it, plus a notification is sent straight to your phone. Prevention is better than the cure, of course, so if you attempt to leave your bike in an area with high rates of bicycle theft, you’re warned and recommended a safer place to park.

Once the bike is locked up, the app records the location in case you get lost and can help you plan a safer journey by consulting a bike crime heat map.

Bike locks in the UK benefit from a Sold Secure rating that denotes their effectiveness in extensive tests. Linka doesn’t have a rating yet, but its creators say the 9mm hardened steel bolt is tough, while a square cross-section is difficult to cut through.

As the lock remains attached while you ride it weighs in at just 0.7kg, compared to nearer 2kg for locks from brands such as Kryptonite. Linka is also water-resistant, built to withstand temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius and can last up to a year on a single charge.

Buy Now: From The Fowndry for £129.99

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