Manything Home Security Camera System

Manything Home Security Camera System

Manything makes home security simple by repurposing old smartphones and tablets as CCTV cameras.

Don’t let the image of an old iPhone fool you because Manything believes most recently retired smartphones have better cameras than security models made specifically for the smart home.

With its affordable system you can setup up those smartphones around the house and check on intruders, pets, visitors, housemates and more from anywhere in the world for just a few pounds.

Already used by over a million people worldwide to monitor their homes, the service records footage to the cloud in HD and includes pinch and zoom features for focusing in on subjects.

Everything is accessed and controlled by you via app or web browser and the list of compatible devices for dotting around the home include the iPhone 3G and above or Android 4.2 models and above.

It’s not restricted to smartphones either, because even an iPad 2 or greater and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets will work. Manything say more models are added to its approved list all the time.

Set up is easy; simply download the app to both the spare device – selecting ‘camera’ – and the one used every day – selecting ‘viewer’. Users can adjust camera sensitivity, add detection zones to mask areas they don’t want to monitor and set up motion alerts.

Other features on the app include a date picker mode where you can easily refer back to previously recorded footage by selecting the day on a calendar.

Old devices don’t tend to be waterproof, so if you want professional outside surveillance Manything will recommend a range of Hikivision CCTV cameras with night vision. It simply needs a normal electrician to hook it up to your home’s power supply and the app does the rest.

Manything is free for users setting up one spare device as a camera, watching live and being alerted to motion. Subscriptions start from £2.99-a-month for additional cameras, recorded footage and saving videos to the cloud.

Check out the Manything YouTube channel for further info and some rather amusing blooper footage, or follow the link below to sign up.

Buy now: Subscribe at Manything

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