Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers

Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers

Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers bridges the gap between traditional learning blocks and technology for educational fun.

Remember the joys of putting wooden blocks with numbers and letters in order? That fun, simple and effective method of teaching children the alphabet and basic arithmetic has now gone digitally interactive.

The Marbotic Augmented Toy for Numbers uses ten digits and a tablet to teach children how to count, as well as addition and subtraction, and the Smart Letters teach children the alphabet and spelling.

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Each wooden toy has sensors that allow interaction with the tablet without using any electronics or batteries but will still automatically detect the wooden blocks when the user holds the metal handle.

The toys work with a number of apps including Up To 100, Alphamonster and 10 Fingers that gives a variety of questions and puzzles for children to solve by placing the wooden blocks on a tablet, which then registers the number or letter, says it aloud, and tells the user whether they have correctly answered the question.

You can also select the level of difficulty to suit all stages of development and chose from the eight languages available.

Buy Now: Marbotic Smart Letters & Numbers from Marbotic for €49.99

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