Master Lock Select Access Smart

Master Lock Select Access Smart

The Master Lock Select Access Smart kisses goodbye to leaving keys under the doormat by storing them in a secure Bluetooth box accessed by smartphone.

Airbnb hosts, landlords letting in tradesmen, or parents keeping a spare set for their kids are among those Master Lock says will benefit from the box.

The security device works when an operator digitally grants access for a four-hour period by sending a numerical code or invite via the Master Lock Vault eLocks app. Guests enter the code or hold their Bluetooth-enabled Android or Apple smartphone close by to unlock it.

The box includes a tamper alert that notifies the owner of any suspicious activity and warns them if the CR123 battery is running low, however Master Lock says this should last for around two years before it requires replacing.

Master Lock is a US giant with a 90-year history and its security expertise extends to the app, which uses start-of-the-art decoding norms to alert users if someone tries to steal digital information. Data transmitted via Bluetooth is also encrypted.

Constructed from zinc, the dual locking key safe is resistant to attacks and its electrical components are sealed to protect them from vandals and the elements.

Buy now: £126 from Amazon UK

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