MergeVR Holo Cube

Holo Cube

The Merge VR Holo Cube is an interactive, holographic toy that takes virtual reality to the next level for tech-savvy kids 

The Merge VR Holo Cube is the first holographic object that you can hold in the palm of your hand, and unlocks endless gaming possibilities for kids. Using computer vision and augmented reality, users can interact with holographic worlds and characters for an immersive and creative introduction to virtual reality.

Dozens of AR prototypes have been developed, including a range of characters, puzzles and games with an unlimited potential to create more experiences. Educational options give children instant access to 3D objects with on-screen facts. For example, users can view and interact with holographic depictions of human organs, and understand each function to make education fun, technologically advanced and stimulating.

The Holo Cube connects to Merge VR goggles as well as most VR headsets, and is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Pre-order Now: From from $20 

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