Ockel Sirius A

Ockel Sirius A

Don’t be fooled by its minuscule size – the Ockel Sirius A is claimed to be the world’s most versatile pocket PC. 

With Microsoft no longer making phones, choices have become limited if you want to carry around a mini Windows PC.

Enter the 6-inch touchscreen Ockel Sirius A – a small but mighty Windows 10 workstation with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

A star constellation design on the reverse doesn’t just look the part, it’s also a cleverly designed heat sink to cool the Ockel’s innards. This means the device, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, can runs in near 100 per cent silence as ventilation fans are not required.

Personal data is securely stored behind a fingerprint scanner and instead of ditching ports to stay in keeping with the design, wireless or wired internet connectivity is available, including rapid Wi-Fi AC and Bluetooth.

A clever ‘switch mode’ turns the Ockel into an input device that connects to an external display with both HDMI and USB Type-C ports at your disposal.

Once work is out of the way, the Full HD screen, speakers, microphone and camera are great for creating and consuming content, making Skype calls, or even as a standalone media player connected to a TV and bigger sound system.

Everything is powered by the latest processor and Intel HD graphics so even games are on the menu, and the generous connectivity options mean an external games controller or headset is cnot out of the question.

Successfully crowdsourced on Indiegogo, the Ockel Sirius should ship next month so it’s with you in time for Christmas.

Pre-order Now: On Indiegogo from $549

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