Samsung Gear 360 2017

Samsung Gear 360 2017

The Samsung Gear 360 2017 is the handheld device that lets you film or live stream 360 degree footage in 4K. 

The first generation Samsung Gear has been redesigned to make it smaller, easier-to-grip and more intuitive so you can focus on capturing the moment. The 4K capabilities give you crisp and vivid images and videos in high definition for live broadcasting or to watch back later.

To set up your device for broadcasting, simply pair your Gear 360 with your smartphone or PC, chose the platform you want to stream to and you’re ready to go. The app also allows you to chose multiple modes, convert your 360 content into standard video and upload on to your social media. You can also chose between 360°, stretched, round, dual or panoramic view to give you special effects without requiring extra lenses.

The Samsung Gear 360 weighs in at just 130g so you can effortlessly film for longer,  the memory can be expanded to 256 GB with a microSD card and the battery life lasts for up to 130 minutes of continuous filming.

Buy Now: From Amazon at £229.95

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