Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Throw away the controllers cluttering up your drawers because one Sevenhugs Smart Remote looks after all your IoT gadgets.

Compatible with 25,000 devices and counting, the remote can control everything from TVs and speakers, to connected lighting and thermostats, all from one simple touchscreen remote.

Its inventors have also integrated other services like ordering an Uber simply by pointing it at your front door, or checking the weather by pointing it at the window like some sort of smart home Harry Potter.

Sevenhugs connects to devices via Wi-fi, Bluetooth or infrared and automatically identifies and adapts to gadgets. Although it controls devices when pointing at them, indoors sensors are required for positioning and motion tracking so the remote becomes increasingly accurate and responsive.

You can also set up multiple smart zones around the home with preset preferences saved so, as you switch rooms, your preferred lighting, heating and music settings are ready to go. Everything is then displayed on the remote’s HD screen.

This advanced control system cuts down on the amount of remote controls and apps many of us depend on to control our growing list of smart home devices.

Pre-order Now: From Sevenhugs at $229 (£175)

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