Sonnet Mobile Mesh

Sonnet Mobile Mesh

Sonnet lets you communicate by smartphone without the need for network signal coverage.

We can’t speak for the military, but Sonnet is claimed to be the world’s most advanced portable off-grid mesh network.

What does that mean? Well for adventurers regularly found up a mountain without a mobile phone signal, it means sending texts, voice recordings, images, and GPS locations to other users several miles away.

It does this by turning your smartphone into a super advanced walkie talkie using long range radio waves to communicate over vast distances.

The hub connects wirelessly to your phone, while another one connects wirelessly with the other user’s handset. Each Sonnet then talks to each other and relays data down the line.

This removes any dependency on the cellular grid and other network infrastructure, and allows it to be used even when you have no network connectivity or internet access.

Because Sonnet is off-the-grid Jason Bourne-style it can be used just about anywhere; hiking in the wilderness, traveling abroad, attending crowded events, or even encountering natural disasters – think Tropical Storm Harvey.

All communications are encrypted to a maximum 256-bit AES and Wi-Fi connections protected by WPA/WPA2, so if you do find Bigfoot the rest of the world won’t find out straight away.

While the typical point-to-point range is around 3 miles, Sonnet can reach up to 9 miles with a clear line of sight, say if both users are on top of Mount Everest. It also comes with an additional SMA connector for increasing the range with a directional antenna.

Creating a large mesh network of several Sonnet’s is possible too. This dramatically increases the range by relaying data through several devices up to a maximum of 50 miles.

Other features include support for USB devices such as webcams, an accompanying app with offline maps so you can trace your steps, an SOS panic button if you get into trouble, and a 4,000mAh power supply for charging other devices.

Completely free to use without subscription and with a battery lasting up to 36 hours on a single charge, this could be a must-have gadget for keeping up with the Indiana Jones’s.

Buy now: $89 from Sonnet Labs

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