Sound Dimension Soundots Modular Wireless Speakers

Sound Dimension Soundots Modular Wireless Speakers

Soundots are modular wireless speakers that create a wall of noise when clipped together.  

The system works a little like audio Lego bricks and is the invention of Swedish sound engineer Fredrik Gunnarsson.

So instead of procrastinating over what size wireless speaker to buy, with Soundots you can scale up or down to suit your needs.

That could mean a large stack for a house party, creating a specific shape to suit the room or taking a couple of speakers on-the-go. It’s entirely flexible to your needs and budget.

The name Soundots refers to four holes found on four sides of each speaker allowing them to communicate instantaneously with each other.

A patented, artificially intelligent technology then ensures each speaker is aware of its position and purpose in the stack.

When placed next to each other in even numbers, audio is distributed into left and right channels. Horizontally placed units in uneven numbers enables a soundbar-mode instead.

Naturally, audio quality and volume capacity grows with each speaker added to the setup.

A single steel and aluminium Soundots XCEL Ai-1 speaker has stereo sound and supports high resolution audio up to 192 kHz / 24-bit.

Each one delivers a 15W max output and uses Bluetooth AptX for wireless streaming. Alternatively there are analogue line-in and digital optical connections.

The speakers weigh in at 750g each and house a rechargeable Li-ion battery, although mains power can also be used and spread across multiple units with a link cable.

Everything, including mood lighting options on each speaker, is controlled from the Soundots app.

Buy now: From $290 at Soundots

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