Star Wars Battling Drones

Fulfil your childhood dreams and fly the Star Wars ships of your youth as you fight for the Rebel Alliance or the Empire with your very own palm-sized Battling Drones from Propel

Whether your allegiances lie with the light or the dark side of the Force, we can all agree on one thing: Star Wars has played a huge part in our lives. But short of building yourself a life-sized AT-ACT in your back garden (believe us, someone has done it!), the closest we ever got to living out our fantasies was unboxing the X-Wing nan bought you for Christmas. Now, Propel Battling Star Wars Drones have unveiled a set of three special machines, allowing you to take flight and fight.

The trio of battle bots includes the 74-Z Speeder Bike, first seen in Return of the Jedi, a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter and Darth Vader’s very own TIE Advanced X1, allowing you to choose if you want to hook up with the Empire or Rebel Alliance. Fitting into the palm of your hand, the drones feature intelligent awareness technology, allowing up to 24 pilots to duke it out in arial laser battles at up to 35mph.

Reaching that top speed in just three seconds, the Star Wars Battling Drones even mimic realistic flight patterns from the movies thanks to a unique and innovative reverse propulsion system and algorithm, allowing you perform manoeuvres like corkscrew rolls. You can then head over to the dedicated Facebook page to set up battles with other pilots, watch tutorials and receive additional training content.

Each model is hand painted, certified and numbered and comes in a collectible display box. And once yours is ready to enter the arena, you’ll find it’s easy to take on rival pilots right now in a galaxy not so far, far away.

Buy Now: Star Wars Battling Drones from Propel from £299.99


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