The LenzO

The LenzO

Put your underwater photography skills to the test by turning your smartphone into a fish-friendly camera.

The LenzO is an underwater housing for the iPhone allowing it to take stunning underwater shots at extreme depths of 330ft (100m).

Its advanced optics ensure the underwater field of view is the same as on land with no distortion or soft corners so you can focus on getting the perfect shot.

A main optical dome lens is also designed for both use on land and beneath the surface, and there’s an extra selfie lens for posing with sea turtles too.

The LenzO’s double domes carry an anti-reflective coating, along with two URPro colour correction filters, designed to produce accurate underwater colours minus the glare or distortion.

And if you’re worried about salty seawater seeping into your smartphone, a safety locking mechanism keeps things watertight.

The LenzO is more than just a case, though, including a sleep/wake button for preserving battery life and to reduce overheating.

Ergonomically designed controls also make it easy to navigate between functions and settings, for easy access to artsy effects and filters and instant social media sharing.

iPhone models stretching back to the 6 and 6S are covered and new cases for the incoming 8 and 8 Plus arrive soon.

Buy Now: From Vals Tech for $379.00 

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