Verso One Wearable Universal Gesture Controller

Verso One Wearable Universal Gesture Controller

The Verso One gesture controller can be used to control everything from drones to desktop applications with the wag of a finger. 

One Ring to rule them all so the saying goes in The Lord of the Rings and while the Verso One won’t let you control Middle Earth it will conquer most of your gadgets.

The wearable works as a universal remote where you can design personal gestures for a crazy amount of cool things like playing video games, tracking sports performance, interacting with desktop and smartphone apps and even controlling drones.

Other uses could include playing digital musical instruments – say tinkling the ivories without a physical keyboard – to messing around with MIDI devices or simply swiping slides during a business presentation.

Verso also has its own dedicated marketplace so you can upload newly designed gestures and gesture-based applications for others to use.

Designed in Italy, the Verso One works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices and connects via Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi via an app.

The battery lasts for up to two hours with continuous use or eight hours in stand-by and the ring has a wireless range of up to 10 metres.

Verso One rings are available in five different sizes to suit different fingers and hand sizes… meaning they’ll fit humans, hobbits and wizards alike.

Currently available to pre-order, sign up for a Verso One now and you can bag money off the full price and discounts on future updates as an incentive.

Pre-order now: €130 from Verso

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