Volterman Smart Wallet

The Volterman Smart Wallet will take a picture of anybody that steals it and track it across the world – and that’s just for starters. 

Smart devices can be dangerously gimmicky at times but we’re inclined to suggest the Volterman Wallet is really quite special on several levels.

For starters it features a built-in power bank for charging your smartphone or any other gadgets on the go.

Next up, a distance alarm system will notify your phone via Bluetooth if your wallet has gone walkies from under your nose.

If your wallet has been stolen, a cheeky pinhole camera detects the thief and takes a picture of them as soon as they open it… provided the lens isn’t covered by all those cobwebs.

The wallet also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot ensuring internet access all over the world when travelling and its makers claim the cost is three times cheaper than most data roaming charges.

Finally, GPS tracking can follow the trail of your wallet globally and in real-time whether it’s gone missing in Africa or Siberia, and the service is completely free.

Made from premium leather and the same size as a standard wallet, it also carries RFID protection should someone try and clone your cards on the move.

The Volterman has absolutely blitzed its crowdfunding target on Indiegogo and there other products in the range to pick from including a passport cover, card holder and travel document folder.

All items are available to buy now with an estimated delivery of February 2018.

Buy now: From $109 via Indiegogo

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