Varidesk Pro Plus 30

Varidesk Pro Plus 30

Multiple office toys but limited space? The Varidesk Pro Plus 30 is a multi-level worktop with numerous configurations to save you playing stationery Tetris. 

Instead of replacing your existing desk, the Pro Plus 30 works by sitting right on top as a height adjustable add-on for the ultimate OCD office environment.

Varidesk has multiple customisable settings depending on your preferred setup and everything is controlled by a spring-assisted lift mechanism that won’t put your back out.

The desk comes fully assembled so you can bypass any complicated DIY and switches from a sitting to standing position in seconds – you know, when you need to burn a few extra calories or correct that lazy posture.

In fact, a total of 11 different height positions have been specially developed for optimum ergonomic comfort and the flexibility to quickly adapt to multiple locations if you decide to have an impromptu feng shui reshuffle.

The Pro Plus 30 works best with a sole monitor setup, using an upper tier for your desktop computer and the lower shelves for a keyboard, mouse, stapler, Rolodex… okay maybe not a Rolodex, plus all the other usual tools.

Buy Now: £325 from Amazon UK

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